Mercedes Benz C63 W205 IMP Carbon Fibre Full Wide Body Kit

£15,000.00£16,800.00 + VAT for U.K. Buyers Only.

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This unique complete body kit is what every W205 C63 Sedan needs to move to the next level in styling. 

Extremely elegant and stylish item to upgrade the exterior of your car with.

Kit contains the following parts;

Partial carbon fibre front bumper

Set of Partial  carbon fibre front fender

Set of Partial carbon fibre rear fender flares

Pair of Partial Carbon fibre side skirts

Carbon fibre rear diffuser

Carbon fibre trunk spoiler

Set of carbon fibre rear caps

Partial carbon fibre hood

We offer this kit in THREE finishing options:

– Full kit including carbon bonnet with only the glass surrounding/frame on surface in gloss carbon. [Rest of the surface and Inner Side/Skeleton remains gel coated for painting/wrapping] (PCF)
– Full kit including Full carbon bonnet with only surface gloss carbon- Inner Side/Skeleton remains gel coated (CF)
– Full kit including carbon bonnet with both surface and skeleton gloss carbon (DCF)

We only supply the best quality body kits, made by the best body kit makers in the world. Our body kits benefit from extremely high quality build and fitment, however, we still recommend all body kits to be fitted by a professional body kit fitter.