BMW M2 F87 MTC Design VGT Wide Body Kit

£16,800.00£21,600.00 + VAT for U.K. Buyers Only.

This unique kit is what every M2 owner has been dreaming about.

We offer this kit in Two Material options to choose from;

  • Partial Carbon Fibre Kit (Code: PCF)
  • Full Fibreglass Kit (Code: FRP)
PCF Kit Contains:

Partial carbon fibre front bumper

Partial carbon fibre rear bumper

Pair of Partial carbon fibre side skirts

Set of fibreglass front fender

Set of Partial carbon fibre rear fender

Set of fibreglass wheel well guard

Pair of Partial carbon fibre door

Partial carbon fibre boot spoiler

Carbon fibre roof spoiler

Everything in our FRP option comes in Fibreglass.


We only supply the best quality body kits, made by the best body kit makers in the world. Our body kits benefit from extremely high quality build and fitment, however, we still recommend all body kits to be fitted by a professional body kit fitter.